Your Home Away from Home


Community is one of our key values that guides the entire campus. We want our campus to be hospitable and warm. We want to be a family that encourages and challenges. We want to be a force that brings people together.

Therefore, we’ve created all kinds of ways to get involved in our campus community. You can get started the moment you set foot on campus. This is a safe place to share your ideas, develop your leadership skills, and enhance your learning environment.

Explore how you can make Boise Bible’s campus your home away from home through our Residence Life, Campus Life, Spiritual Life, and student leadership opportunities

If you have questions, please contact us at 208-376-7731 and studentlife@boisebible.edu or see the Student Handbook.


Take a break from studying for finals and join your classmates for a late-night custom pancake feed or taco night in the SUB. Bring a picture and the Resident Life team serves up the pancake (or pancakes) to enjoy before returning to the books and papers. This is offered for both the fall and spring semesters.

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Each fall Boise Bible students, staff, and faculty take a ride down the Payette River before the late-night study sessions begin. Bring your sense of adventure as you might take a dip. 


Missions Emphasis Week (MEW) is hosted by the Global Outreach Committee. MEW invites a guest speaker to give insight into global mission needs around the world and locally. During this week, there are opportunities to engage multiculturally with One Voice or Prayer Night.

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Perhaps the longest-standing tradition at Boise Bible! Each spring the seniors plan a day for the entire student body to laugh and take a break, but not before they spend the morning with faculty eating breakfast and receiving wisdom. The day typically includes a meal, recreation, and festivities. 


One of Boise Bible’s core values is community – building community within the student body, but also engaging and serving the community of Boise. This plays out in a number of ways. Through opportunities with Boise Kind Day, Highway Cleanup, Run the Race, Rake-up Willowbrook, and many more students can serve the beautiful Treasure Valley.

Convocation Banquet

Kick off the school year by gathering together to envision the upcoming school year as a community of faith.

Boise Bible Spirit Week

Boise Bible doesn’t have much athletics, but we do have an Athletics Committee that facilitates intermural Flag Football, Volleyball, and Basketball. However, we still have spirit! This is a week to #BleedBoiseBibleBlue.

RA Events

Join in on the fun throughout the semester to build community. From heading to Camel’s Back Park to Bruneau Dunes State Park to pool parties you’ll create memories that last a lifetime.

Spiritual Leadership Week

Be encouraged and equipped at SLW during the fall semester. Students with the oversight of college faculty host the event by inviting speakers and other activities. Both MEW and SLW serve as hinge points for the yearly chapel theme to help students grow spiritually.


Dress up your car trunk for the neighborhood around the campus to provide a safe place for kids and parents to enjoy treats.

ICOM (International Conference on Missions)

Get a jet plane and fly to ICOM with faculty, staff, and students to learn from missionaries and ministries around the world. Connect with thousands of people at their booth for future ministry opportunities.

Christmas Bash

Get your vocal cords ready for the annual Christmas Bash with karaoke! Join other students in decorating your dorm room to compete for a prize.


Winter Banquet

Join in on the long-standing tradition at Boise Bible by attending the Winter Banquet. The tradition was started over thirty years ago by the Zelotai Club as a formal “Sweetheart” dinner on the Friday preceding Valentine’s Day. Today, the freshman class sponsors the dinner on an evening in early February. It is typically a formal occasion that the entire student body, faculty, and staff participate.

Boise Bible Film Fest

Get your creative juices flowing with the Boise Bible Film Fest! Each year the Media Committee hosts the film fest where students compete for prizes and recognition.

Preview High School Conference

Preview gives potential high school students a first-hand look at the academic, spiritual, and social experience at Boise Bible. Students take part in planning, leading, and serving the event.

Senior Skip Day

Senior Skip Day is perhaps the longest-standing tradition among the Boise Bible student body. Each spring the senior class leaders choose a date that the entire College family “skips” classes for a day of recreation, food, and fellowship. The day begins with a breakfast filled with food and wisdom with the faculty.

Spring Banquet

To honor the graduating class, every year the junior class and non-graduating seniors sponsor the Spring Banquet two weeks before graduation. A number of the Boise Bible family are recognized for outstanding achievements and seniors traditionally give a “last will and testament” to unexpecting freshmen, sophomores, or juniors.

Annual Softball Game & BBQ

Want to compete against faculty and staff..and seniors? Now is your chance! After all the finals, papers, and projects are submitted join the rest of the college in celebrating with a fun game of softball. 


Student-led organizations are an important part of college life. We encourage students to participate, create, and lead different committees to serve the mission of Boise Bible. Here are a few of the organizations on campus:

Spiritual Life

Global Outreach



Chapel Production



Student Union Building (SUB)

Bring your books to study and relax on the couches or watch a movie with some friends or pick up a board game with our Financial Aid Director. The SUB is a comfortable space for students to spend time together.

The Lion’s Den

Located in the SUB, students can enjoy a nice cup of joe for all those early mornings. Fun fact: Boise Bible students drink over 3,500 cups of coffee a year!


Get ripped between classes at our on-campus gym! Boise Bible’s gym is a resource for all students, staff, and faculty. This allows you to stay active and meet your fitness goals while at Boise Bible.

Student Lounge & Kitchen

This is space is for commuter students, but open to all. This area allows for students to cook meals or heat up lunches over a game of pool.