What is the Waypoints Program?

The Waypoints Program is designed for you to become aware of yourself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as you prepare to be humble leaders!

Academics at Boise Bible outlines a path for students to follow as they chase their educational goals and Waypoints helps them to make sense of that journey. It helps you to know and transform your own Christ-centered purpose!

Become not only better in your chosen profession, but also become a better person and follower of Jesus!

Freshman WayPoints

Bible College Navigator
Christian Life
Freshman Class Meetings

Sophomore WayPoints

Sophomore Seminar
Sophomore Class Meetings

Junior WayPoints

Junior Summit
Junior Class Meetings

Senior WayPoints

Senior Capstone
Senior Class Meetings

Boise Bible College not only cares about academics, they also care about who you are becoming. The Waypoints Program is one of the ways the college helps you in this endeavor.

Logan Stinebaugh

Program Breakdown

This program is a parallel track to all degrees. If you spend one-year or four-years at Boise Bible College elements of this program are present.

Bible College Navigator

This course is designed to help students understand the overall academic process through:

  • Orientation and transition to college life
  • Implications of one’s learning styles
  • Introduction to BBC’s academic process and core competencies
  • Self-assessments and personal performance reviews
  • Encouragement of a healthy approach to fulfilling degree requirements
Freshman Class Meetings

A faculty member meets with the freshman class each month to:

  • Help students interpret their experiences
  • Prepare them for upcoming events
  • Reminding students of their educational goals
Christian Life

This class stresses a life of submission and devotion to God while explaining BBC’s character competencies as outlined in the catalog.

Sophomore Seminar

This course attempts to help students develop self-awareness and to prepare them for internships and observations through:

  • Self-assessments using BBC competencies
  • Identifying implications of one’s personality style
  • Introductory material on emotional intelligence
  • Developing a personal growth plan
  • Preparing for internships
  • Giving tools for “self-advising”

This seminar also gives information and exit guidance for all all 2-year degree seeking students.

Sophomore Class Meetings

The sophomore year can be difficult because the novelty of being at college has worn off. The sophomore faculty advisor meets with the sophomore class each month to encourage students.

Junior Summit

Junior Summit is a 48-hour team dynamics retreat open to juniors and seniors. During the retreat, students are guided through activities which are then debriefed in group and one-on-one mentoring that:

  • Brings self-awareness to one’s leadership potential and style
  • Defines personal gaps in team dynamics
  • Allows students to update their personal growth plan
Senior Capstone

This course is designed to help seniors look past graduation and make needed preparations for what lies beyond BBC by:

  • Reviewing personal progress
  • Doing Self-assessments
  • Developing a senior plan for the final year
  • Answering exit questionnaires and debreifing in focus groups
  • Interviewing with faculty and staff