Points of Distinction:

  • The Bible Certificate program is for students who wish to spend one academic year in Bible college.
  • Graduates of this certificate leave with a sense of purpose and completion as students move to their next step.
  • Students in this program will enrich their spiritual life as well as Bible knowledge.
  • The Bible Certificate helps students see that the world needs more people who love the people God loves, and who love them enough to interpret, to teach, to apply, and to model God’s word in their lives.
  • A graduate will have a greater understanding of the overall message of Scripture as well as the skills to do an in-depth study.

Remote Access:

Starting Fall 2022, Boise Bible is offering remote access to the Bible Certificate to non-traditional students who are actively engaged in serving their home church.

To learn more about the Bible Certificate program, please request more information or see the catalog.

Our students know how to take the Bible apart and put it back together so that they can understand it, interpret it, and apply it to the world today. But more importantly, our students know that it is God’s Word that takes their hearts apart and puts them back together.

Professor Vance Russell

Program Breakdown

The Bible Certificate is 28 credits. Some students complete this program in one year and move on to the next journey. Other students, complete the Bible Certificate and continue onto their associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree.

Due to the nature of this program being a certificate, the Federal Government doesn’t recognize this program for Federal Financial Aid. However, Institutional Aid is available to students. In addition, students have transferred credits from other colleges as Guided Electives to help supplement the requirements.

Bible (11 credits)
  • Journey Through the Bible
  • New Testament Introduction
  • Old Testament Introduction
  • Acts of the Apostles
Theology (3 credits)
  • Survey of Bible Doctrine
Christian Ministry (1 credit)
  • Christian Life
Philosophy (1 credit)
  • Christian Ethics
Guided Electives (12 credit)
  • Bible College Navigator
  • Public Speaking
  • English Grammar and Composition
  • Research and Writing
  • Bible or Ministry Level 1000 or 2000 Courses