What is the Access Program?

The Access Program is designed to help students acquire the necessary skills for college success. Ultimately, Access provides a pathway for admission and a support system for persons applying to Boise Bible College.

Students may be recommended into this program by the Academic Office because of missing admissions documents, or students may choose to enter the Access Program to ready themselves for success.

Access Program Commitment:

  • Apply to Boise Bible College and complete Admissions requirements.
  • Complete the summer independent study program that provides the biblical foundation needed to succeed in BBC’s freshman level courses.
  • A two-week Thrive Class that provides coaching in how to succeed academically, socially, and spiritually at BBC.
  • Weekly support, encouragement, and accountability throughout the first year through the Pace Cohort.

Points of Distinction:

  • Students in the Access Program are limited to the Associates of Science in Bible, but may test out of the Access Program after the first semester.
  • The Bible Program helps students see that the world needs more people who love the people God loves, and who love them enough to interpret, to teach, to apply, and to model God’s word in their lives.
  • A graduate will have a great understanding of the overall message of Scripture as well as the skills to do in-depth study.
  • Students will be enriched personally and professionally.

ACCESS built up my confidence and showed me that I could survive at college. Moreover, the information that I learned through ACCESS was valuable to my Biblical understanding.

The ACCESS program is the only reason why I am at Boise Bible College and trying to pursue the life that God wants for me – as opposed to the life I wanted for myself.

Colby Birdsall

Program Breakdown

All 4- and 2-year degrees at Boise Bible College are built around three components: General Education, Bible Major, Ministry Program.

It is necessary to fulfill all requirements in each of these components in order to successfully complete the degree. Each component, and each course, and each course, plays a role in your overall development as a person of influence.

General Studies (1 credit)
  • Bible College Navigator
Language and Communication (9 credits)
  • Public Speaking
  • English Grammar & Composition
  • Research & Writing
Philosophy (5 credits)
  • Christian Ethics
  • Christian Apologetics
Social Science (choose 3 credits)
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • General Psychology
  • Sociology
Guided Electives (3 credits)
  • American Sign Language 1/2
  • Survey of Church History
  • Personal Finances
  • Recent American History
  • Introduction to Literature
  • American Literature
  • Classics of Christian Literature
  • Music History and Appreciation
  • Theory of Intelligent Design
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Logic
  • Worldviews
Open Electives (2 credits)
Bible (10 credits)
  • Journey Through the Bible
  • New Testament Introduction
  • Old Testament Introduction
  • Acts of the Apostles
Theology (6 credits)
  • Survey of Bible Doctrine
  • Biblical Interpretation and Resources
  • Restoration Movement Principles
Bible or Theology Electives (3 credits)
Christian Ministries Core (24 credits)
  • Christian Life
  • Introduction to Vocational Ministry
  • Sophomore Seminar
  • Evangelism & Discipleship 
Applied Bible Core (6 credits)
  • Life of Christ
  • Principles of Instruction, Communicating Biblical Truth, or Intro to Preaching (men)
Bible Electives (7 credits)
  • Old Testament Electives
  • Bible or Theology Electives
Ministry Electives (2 credits)