Spiritual Formation &

Leadership Development

We believe you are shaped by your environment, and on parr with our mission, we equip servant leaders. As a Christian college, we believe you cannot become a servant leader without first having a vibrant relationship with Christ. Thus, we provide opportunities for students to grow spiritually as well as develop into the leader God intended.

We Encourage Students Through:

  • Weekly Chapel

  • Waypoints Program

  • Monthly On-campus Student Community Devos and Prayer

  • Missions Emphasis Week

  • Spiritual Leadership Week

  • Weekly Community Devos

  • Conferences such as International Conference on Missions

  • Student Leadership Opportunities

  • Weekend Trips to Local Churches

  • Mission Trips and Intercultural Experiences

  • Internships Beyond the Classroom

Our Student Life Department exists to cultivate the spiritual vitality of the BBC Community and to foster the spiritual formation and leadership development of each student.

Christian spiritual formation happens primarily through teaching, community, and practice—all through the work of the Holy Spirit. Practically, all departments provide opportunities for students to grow through our intertwined core values of humility, scholarship, community, and innovation.

If you have questions, please contact us at 208-376-7731 and studentlife@boisebible.edu or see the Student Handbook.


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