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Listen to these chapel messages as an encouragement or even online Bible study. These messages have been recorded at Boise Bible College’s chapel service or other events. Most of the messages are spoken by professors, staffs, and alumni of the College. Our hope is that these podcasts or videos provided are a resource for you.

Listen to all messages on all platforms such as Apply Podcasts, Castbox, Spotify, Google Podcast, and more. Messages at Boise Bible are available wherever you listen to podcasts at “Messages at Boise Bible” or “Boise Bible College”. In addition, you can listen on YouTube. 

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Transcript – Subversive Kingdom Work – Dr. Derek Voorhees

In this message, President Dr. Derek Voorhees of Boise Bible College kicks off the school year by introducing the theme for the 2021-22 year - upROAR. The Greek word that is translated as “uproar” isἐκταράσσω (ektarassō),: to agitate, to disturb wholly, to exceedingly...

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