75th Anniversary Highlights


Although our alumni have graduated and are making an impact all around the world using the knowledge and life experiences they gained through their time here at Boise Bible College we do not want our relationships to end there. In addition, we want to extend resources to you in order to stay updated in your leadership. So, we invite you to stay equipped by visiting campus for events, by listening to chapel messages, or reading articles published by professors.

We are committed to serving our alumni well beyond their graduating years, as we endeavor to be a contributor to the greater community outside of our campus walls.

If you have any questions, please contact the Development Office at 208-376-7731 or!


We love hosting! If you wish to stay at Boise Bible College or use our facilities, we do have space on campus for both.

Staying on Campus

If you wish to stay on campus, contact Student Life at

If you do not wish to stay on campus, we do have a partnership with the SpringHill Suites, which is five minutes from campus.Mention “Boise Bible College” at check-in and you’ll receive a discount. 

SpringHill Suites – 6325 North Cloverdale, Boise, ID 83713 | 208-939-8266

Facility Use 

To use our facilities for a family reunion or event, please fill out an online Facilities Request Form. Once you complete the form, you’ll be emailed information regarding facility usage pricing and food service.




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75th Anniversary Alumni Highlights

Raiding a Boise Bible Board Meeting – Delbert Durfee

Raiding a Boise Bible Board Meeting – Delbert Durfee

A job-ending broken ankle in early 1982 began a pivotal year for Delbert Durfee Even as he worked during his first few years out of high school, he was active at Elgin Christian Church in Elgin, OR, and knew he wanted to be in church leadership. Not long after his...

Proof isn’t Just in the Paper – Harold Gott

Proof isn’t Just in the Paper – Harold Gott

Harold Gott is proof that it’s not just the “paper” that makes the minister; it’s the “passion” too. Boise Bible College has always attracted non-traditional students, and Harold Gott has always been non-traditional. Harold grew up in northern California working in...

She Never Walked But Nothing Ever Slowed Her Down

She Never Walked But Nothing Ever Slowed Her Down

Thelma Mae Serl We all get to choose what will and won’t define us. Thelma Mae Serl contracted polio at the age of one month and spent her life in a wheelchair, depending on others to take her where she needed to go. Lucy (Cole) Simmons shares, “Never mind all that,...