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Welcome to the next chapter in Boise Bible College’s history!

We’re leading the charge on incorporating Biblical truths with relevant, innovative academics. It’s a place where students strengthen their talents in every area, explore God’s community through multiple avenues, forge ties with the greater community and develop the character traits they need to serve Jesus in any career they choose.

When you’re part of the BBC community, more like family, you’re part of a story that includes friends across the globe.

Our story began with a mission to equip servant leaders for the Church, and even though it’s unfolded in countless ways, we are steadfast. Students are inspired to become leaders whether they are called to traditional ministry or the marketplace.

We offer many ways to engage with Boise Bible College, so we invite you to look in the pages below. These resources are for people in the community looking to partner with us in some capacity.

Friends of BBC




Celebrating 75 Years of Equipping Servant Leaders

The Story of an Alumni who Never Graduated – Ray Beans

The Story of an Alumni who Never Graduated – Ray Beans

Boise Bible College has a long legacy that includes alumni of all kinds. Those who have endured the rigors of study to obtain a Bachelor's degree, and some taking a decade or two to finish. Others have earned an Associate’s degree or a Bible Certificate. Still, others...

Everyone is a Friend of Lee White

Everyone is a Friend of Lee White

His favorite expression of faith in God is through music Boise Bible College and the Drain Church of Christ, in Drain, Oregon, have had a strong relationship since the College's earliest years. The church has sent many students, perhaps more combined than any other...

Life’s Journey – Gregg Turner

Life’s Journey – Gregg Turner

Life’s Journey:  Brought Gregg from near death in Oklahoma, to a career in Alaska to a new life in Idaho through ministry The vast majority of Boise Bible College students are recent graduates from High School, though perhaps 10-15% of our students are...


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