If you already have college credits or a degree you hope to transfer, you have come to the right place! Boise Bible College welcomes you to join us as you work toward your higher education goals.

We will review the credits you already earned and tell you what will transfer here, and what you will still need to complete to earn one of our degrees or certificates.


To request a Transcript Review, send all your transcripts in an email to admissions@boisebible.edu with the subject line “Transcript Review.” Unofficial transcripts are okay for this.

Application Requirements
  • Application
  • Essay
  • Minister Recommendation
  • Official College Transcripts
  • $25 Application Fee


“God has been gracious, and I’ve learned a lot. My whole life has been changed at Boise Bible College. I never expected it to be this amazing.”

R. Younis, Alumni

Complete Your Degree FAQs

Will Boise Bible College accept my credits?

In most cases, yes! We want to give you as much credit as possible for your work completed at another institution. However, only courses with a grade equivalence of “C” (2.00) or better will transfer. In most cases, general core classes will transfer and some classes will transfer as electives. We do not transfer credits assigned a “Pass/Fail” grade. Lastly, we offer one degree thus far that you can transfer an entire Associates of Science degree into, that is Christian Leadership.

In addition, some programs have prescriptive requirements, so ask an Admissions Counselor to guide you on the fastest path.

Will other colleges accept my credits from Boise Bible College?

Boise Bible College is nationally accredited through ABHE, a sect of CHEA. This means that colleges and universities that are nationally accredited should accept credits from Boise Bible College. However, there are colleges that do not accept our credits. If a student is planning to transfer to Boise Bible College or transfer out of Boise Bible College, we encourage them to investigate the likelihood of credit transfers or decide to come to Boise Bible solely for the purpose of personal transformation and the acquisition of foundational Biblical knowledge for your Christian life.

We’ve found that usually other Christian colleges and universities accept our credits. We’ve had alumni transfer to colleges such as Northwest University, Multnomah University, Corban University, GeorgeFox University, Johnson University, and many more.

Something to note, our degrees consist primarily of the Bible Major, and your chosen Major/Minor, which is predominately ministry classes. So, many of the Bible major credits won’t transfer unless you’re transferring to a college that has Bible-related courses. 

How long will it take to complete my degree?

Boise Bible College is transfer-friendly, however the amount of credits transferable depends on if the credits met the requirements for the degree program at Boise Bible! Please contact an Admissions Counselor for an unofficial transcript review. Your unofficial transcript review will approximate the time required to complete your degree at BBC, and which classes you need.

Is there a Direct Transfer degree?

The Christian Leadership “Fast-Track” Degree Program allows students who have 60-credit hours (or Associates of Arts) in General Studies to transfer all credits.

Do you offer credit for AP, CLEP, Dantes, military training, or prior experiential learning?

Yes! You may earn credit that is transferable to Boise Bible College from a variety of sources. Boise Bible College offers credit for successful completion of CLEP, AP, and Dantes exams, in addition to military training (provided it is reflected on an official transcript) or prior experiential learning. View more details in our catalog.

For detailed information regarding earning credit at Boise Bible College from these sources, you can contact an Admissions Counselor today.

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