international students

Welcome to Boise Bible College! Boise Bible is an exciting place where international students can join with other students in pursuing your educational goals. Together, in community, students from around the United States and all the world, pursue an education to be equipped as ministers, educators, teachers, musicians, leaders, and more.

The mission of Boise Bible College is to equip servant leaders for the Church around the world. We seek to enable our students to achieve excellence and prepare themselves for service and leadership. Graduates of the College are making a difference where ever they are found throughout the world.

We invite you to come to take a look at Boise Boise Bible College and see what we have to offer to International Students.

To receive financial aid, International Students must apply before May 1st.

Application Requirements
  • Application
  • Essay
  • Minister Recommendation
  • Missionary Recommendation
  • Letter of Financial Support Guarantee
    • Must be sent by a person or agency assuring your financial support and return ticket to your native country or proof of sufficient personal funds for the same.
  • Official Educational Transcripts in English
    • Academic Requirement: 2.5 CGPA or Higher
  • Official TOEFL Test scores, if English is not your first language
    • Academic Requirement: 65 or Higher
  • $25 Application Fee​


God has been gracious, and I’ve learned a lot. My whole life has been changed at Boise Bible College. I never expected it to be this amazing.

R. Younis, Current Student from Pakistan

Paying for College as an International Student

While scholarships are available to International Students, Federal Student Aid, including student loans, is unavailable to International Students. Boise Bible College requires International Students to submit an Affidavit of Support. This is a letter stating how you intend to pay for college including those supporting you.

We encourage International Students to begin the application process as early as possible. Please view some of our specific scholarships for International Students below.

International Scholarships

International Student Scholarship

Level 1 – For students in developing countries (based on United Nations criteria)

  • 100% tuition of no more than 16 credit hours per semester on the condition of:
    • Meeting the International Student Admissions requirements no later than May 1st
    • Maintain a minimum 2.50 GPA each semester to sustain
  • Please note, students who receive this scholarship:
    • They would be ineligible for any other BBC Scholarships (due to the 100% tuition cap)
    • No more than 5 students an academic year are eligible for level 1.

Level 2 – For students in developed countries (based on United Nations criteria)

  • $6,500/$3,250 per semester, based on:
    • Meeting the International Student Admissions requirements no later than May 1st
    • Maintain a minimum 2.50 GPA each semester to sustain
    • This scholarship is stackable with other BBC scholarships and aid.

Intercultural Student Grant

The Intercultural Student Grant is offered to students who entered the U.S. through humanitarian programs (Asylee Status, Refugee Resettlement, Special Immigrant Visa, Permanent Resident, etc.).

  • $2,000/$1,000 per semester each year
    • Must meet Admissions requirements
    • Maintain a 2.5 CGPA

See Cost and Financial Aid for additional information.