The Residency


At Boise Bible, we’re serious about academics.

You’ll sit through lectures, write plenty of papers, and have to really study.

However, none of those are the most important aspects of your time at Boise Bible. More pivotal is how your academic program improves the way you, as a servant leader, take care of people, get things done, and impact the world for the better.

We believe you don’t become a better servant leader by sitting in your dorm room reading a book or sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture. Instead, you get better by hanging around the faculty who have their share of bumps and bruises as well as their trophies. Our faculty gain these from their real-world experiences in business, ministry, and the mission field.

Moreover, you get better by getting your “hands dirty”, by tackling student leadership positions, diving into service opportunities, taking on ministry opportunities, and getting out there to tackle internships.

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Of bachelor degree graduates who pursued employment in their chosen field successfully found a job within 6 months of graduation

residency program

We think you’ll grow even more if you sign up for The Residency option. This program replaces nine to twelve credit hours of courses with four to seven months by being immersed in a ministry, classroom, or cross-cultural context.

When you’re doing The Residency, you won’t ever leave the “classroom” to go back out into the “real world” because the real world is your classroom. Furthermore, you won’t be getting grades on projects. Instead, you get to experience what it’s like to do well and to stumble a bit.

It’s a “real world” education.

The Residency Program at Boise Bible College is an outgrowth of our desire to offer students a way to combine real-world experience, effective coaching, and reflective observations to document field-based learning.

The details of The Residency option vary by degree program. For Intercultural Studies students it will take the form of a “Semester Abroad.” Students in the Christian Teaching program will do a semester of “student teaching.” Church-based residencies will resemble extended internships.


What is a The Residency?

The Residency is your opportunity to learn from mentored experience instead of listening to lectures and to put into practice what you’ve learned in the classroom.

Is The Residency available for Associates Degrees, too?

In short, no. The Residency is only for bachelor’s degrees.

How is this program different than an internship?

The Residency Program is longer and more in-depth than internships. We will still offer both to allow students to choose what works best with their schedule.

Will I receive financial aid?

Yes, students enrolled in The Residency qualify for all Federal and Institutional Financial Aid.

How long is The Residency? Can I take it over the summer?

The length varies by program. Student Teaching is semester-long, as are typical international residencies. Ministry residencies last approximately seven to eight months (a semester and a summer).

Due to Federal Financial Aid rules and definitions, ministry residencies must begin in January and conclude before the start of the fall semester.

How do I complete additional classes needed to graduate while away from campus?

Beginning Fall 2022, all classes needed by students in residencies will be made available remotely.

Can I go oversees?

Yes, especially if you’re in the Intercultural Studies program!

If I stay in Boise, can I stay on-campus still?

Yes, but we would encourage you not to confine yourself to something familiar and local.

Are the credits for The Residency counted towards the average 16 credits per semester to graduate?

Yes, all credits earned through The Residency options apply toward the graduation requirements.

What does The Residency look like for Christian Psychology and Christian Teaching degree programs?

The Christian Teaching residency takes the form of a semester of student teaching. Currently, the only residency option for Christian Psychology students is for those who plan to head into church-based pastoral counseling. These students are welcomed into the ministry-based residencies.

Can I go across denominations for The Residency?

Yes, but all residency sites must be pre-approved and must have some level of an established ongoing relationship with Boise Bible College.

For further information or questions, contact the Admissions Office or begin your journey by applying!