Boise Bible Adds New Program – Pastoral Care

Author: Boise Bible College
Published on: July 14, 2022

Boise, ID – Boise Bible College is excited to announce that we are adding a new program – Pastoral Care Degree!

Bachelor of Science or Arts in Pastoral Care

Over the years, the Academic Department saw two groups of students entering the Christian Psychology program. The first group included those who wanted to become professional counselors. The second included those who wanted to use counseling in a ministry context such as in Chaplaincy or in become a Care Pastor. Therefore, the faculty designed two distinct tracks to prepare students for the direction to which they feel called!

Uniquely the Pastoral Care degree focuses on developing students to become ministry workers with a strong Biblical foundation while equipping them to help those with mental health challenges. Students will learn how to use the counseling methods from core classes and internships to bring healing to those they meet.

Providing ministry training alongside mental health training allows those in ministry to supply greater help to those who are hurting. Often this is an area where many pastors feel as though they do not have enough training to be helpful and often refer outside the church. This degree will help increase confidence and wisdom in helping engage in soul and mental health care.
Professor Lisa Ruhl

We believe that God cares about the whole of the individual! We also believe that there is brokenness in this world. This degree gives those in ministry tools to engage in God’s redemption plan!
This program stresses that people reflect the image of God, even though we know that sin distorted that reflection. By developing a Biblical foundation and studying counseling principles, students will be better prepared to help others and guide them towards becoming a clearer reflection of their Creator.

For those who want to enter ministry and want the tools to help with the inevitable crises that arise in people’s lives, we would love to have you in this program! See www.boisebible.edu/apply or contact us today by signing up for a tour!

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