Reversing the Trend of Rising College Costs – Tuition Decrease

Author: Boise Bible College
Published on: September 29, 2021

Boise Bible’s 5-year Tuition Rollback

As we know, the cost of higher education in the United States has been soaring. According to College Board’s “Trends in College Pricing” costs have drastically increased over the last few years. In addition, there has been a student loan debt crisis. These factors in many ways have caused students to rethink attending colleges and impacted many colleges, including Boise Bible College.

However, through it all, Boise Bible College has strived to steward college costs and financial aid in a way that helps students to pursue ministry without the worry of debt or overwhelming college expenses.

In fact, Boise Bible’s average student loan debt for those who graduated in 2020 was $19,998, while the average student loan debt in the United States for a bachelor’s degree in 2020 was $29,927, and Idaho specifically was $33,100. Boise Bible is well below both those averages.

Other highlights . . .

  • Only 56% of graduates from Boise Bible in the last 5 years have chosen to borrow
  • 20% of those who graduated and chose to borrow in the last 5 years have paid off their student loans completely

If students need to take out student loans, Boise Bible implemented The Boise Bible Pledge: Loan Repayment Assistance Program in 2017 to help students repay their student loans post-graduation.

Moving forward, starting in the Fall of 2022, Boise Bible is continuing to make a college education even more achievable by rolling back tuition to $375 per credit. This is making the tuition costs what they were 5 years ago! Also, the new changes in tuition include block pricing for 12 – 16 credits, meaning students can take 16 credits at the same price as 12 credits. Typically, it takes students 16 credits to graduate in 4-years.

With this update, Boise Bible College is indeed reversing the trend of rising college costs. We are excited to equip more students to become servant leaders to build up the Church and advance the gospel worldwide!

If you have any questions, you can reach out to the Admissions Office or Financial Aid Office.

About Boise Bible College

Since Boise Bible College was founded, its purpose has been to train young men and women to be servant leaders who will invest in building up the Church so that the gospel can be advanced worldwide.

Boise Bible has a target in mind: a vibrant Church that produces a Kingdom return. Alongside the academic track, this is accomplished by helping students to develop a character like Christ, leadership skills like Christ, all within a Christ-centered environment that will propel students to no longer live for themselves, but for Jesus. To that goal, we value excellent scholarship, authentic humility, uplifting community, and creative innovation.

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