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New Online eBook Collection at Boise Bible!

Author: Boise Bible College
Published on: June 4, 2021
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New Online eBooks Allows Greater Access by Students

A core value of Boise Bible College is scholarship, and scholarship in the twenty-first century increasingly calls for electronic resources! The College recently designated over $100,000 of a recent grant made available to Idaho colleges to add a core collection of eBooks to its collection of 38,000 items.

The library staff and faculty worked closely together to select over 1700 eBooks titles that will serve as a core reference library that supports the curriculum and meets the academic needs of both students and faculty. This collection focuses on the subject areas of Bible, theology, and ministry, and on titles not generally available through public libraries. A full third of the titles are Bible commentaries!

Some titles are electronic versions of books that are always in high demand by students. Many titles, however, are new to the library collection and will only be available in eBook form.

The actual impact of a collection of eBook titles is much greater than the equivalent impact of 1700 physical books because about half of the books allow multiple simultaneous checkouts – some by three, others by three hundred, and many by unlimited numbers of users!

Our physical print collection is always available for use by alumni, former students, area ministers, and neighborhood community members as long as the library is open. However, per our usage contract with EBSCO, eBooks are only available to current Boise Bible students and employees.

We are so excited for this project to come to realization, and grateful for the hard work of library staff, faculty, and many others that made this project possible!

About Boise Bible College

Since Boise Bible College was founded, its purpose has been to train young men and women to be servant leaders who will invest in building up the Church so that the gospel can be advanced worldwide.

Boise Bible has a target in mind: a vibrant Church that produces a Kingdom return. Alongside the academic track, this is accomplished by helping students to develop a character like Christ, leadership skills like Christ, all within a Christ-centered environment that will propel students to no longer live for themselves, but for Jesus. To that goal, we value excellent scholarship, authentic humility, uplifting community, and creative innovation.