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Boise Bible Offers a Relational Environment – Nick & Beth Duffel

Author: David Davolt
Published on: May 6, 2021

Boise Bible College is known for its strong Biblical teaching, devoted faculty, and the leadership and character development of students. When you attend Boise Bible, you can count on challenging classes that force you to think for yourself. The professors have degrees and experience in the areas they teach. Underlining all our classes and student activities is a desire to develop servant leaders for the church who will advance the gospel worldwide.

Students attend from around the country and the world; however, many are from southern Idaho. Nick and Beth Duffel came from opposite ends of southern Idaho; Nick grew up in Boise, attending Foothills Christian Church. (Foothills has gone through several name changes, but this was the church that originally founded and hosted Boise Bible College in their basement – then called First Church of Christ Boise).  Beth Turner grew up in southern Idaho, in Rupert, where she attended First Christian Church in Rupert and later Mini-Cassia Community Christian Church (M4C) in Heyburn.

Nick first met Beth at a youth conference the week before he started classes at Boise Bible, and Beth had another year of high school to finish. She made quite an impression on him and was on his mind a lot over the next year. On the other hand, Nick did not make too much of an impression on Beth. She continued her last year of high school with no plans to attend Boise Bible College and few, if any, thoughts about Nick. As it often happens, perceptions change, and events change the course of our lives.

Nick had made plans to attend BSU and study electrical engineering. He was registered and had his classes picked when everything changed for him. He attended a youth camp and was amazed at the servant hearts of all those who were there to minister to young people. Their witness helped him to decide to live his life to serve others – especially young people. Bill Krause and Ross Knudsen were the primary orchestrators to help change his mind and encourage him to attend Boise Bible. Nick dropped his classes at BSU and enrolled at Boise Bible two weeks before classes started. He remembers the admissions team putting in a heroic effort to get him signed up and ready to go.

Beth had heard about Boise Bible often at her church as she was growing up.  In High School, her parents were part of planting M4C. The first youth ministers that Beth remembers really impacting her were Boise Bible graduates Aaron (BS’99) and Krista (AS’98) Wolgamott, and later Dan Pearson(BA’99). She was not interested in attending Boise Bible, and at this point, didn’t even think twice about the “boy” she had met at the youth rally. Her mom encouraged her to audition for the music group and give the college a chance, at least for a year. She made the music group, and a year turned into a four-year degree.

Nick found Bill Krause to be a great mentor and teacher. Bill changed the way Nick thought about youth and children’s ministry and Christian leadership in general. Chuck Faber’s classes were also very formative for him. Beth appreciated John Whittaker’s Christian Evidences and his New Testament classes, as well as Chuck Faber’s Logic class. Beth has fond memories of traveling with the singing group for two years. The road trips and churches she visited made a lasting impression on her. They both remember the fun college days of shooting hoops in the gym, late nights playing foosball, and all the friends they made. Nick can recall several good pranks and “college guy” stuff that made his Boise Bible days memorable.

Life After Boise Bible College

Nick and Beth have gotten to work with and partner with many Boise Bible graduates and alumni throughout the years. Many of them are friends as well as colleagues. Some of their life-long friends include Chris (BA’05) and Sara (BS’06) Short, who attended school at the same time.  Chris and Nick worked together later at Ten Mile Christian Church, and Beth and Sara worked together in the Admissions Office at Boise Bible College. They spent several nights a week together back then and still go visit them every year since they have moved to North Idaho. The Duffels said, “The relational atmosphere at BBC encourages deep genuine friendships, and we have Boise Bible College as well as Christ in common – it’s a strong bond.”

Beth graduated first in 2003 with an Associate in Bible. Nick graduated in 2004 with a BA. They were married the day after Nick’s graduation in May of 2004. Beth completed her BS in Worship in 2005. Beth worked for the College for several years until their second son was born, and she quit working outside the home as she figured out a mother’s work is never done at home! Nick worked with his home church, Foothills Christian, for three years in middle school ministry. Then Ten Mile Christian Church for 13 years, starting in youth ministry for ten years and then in small groups and connections ministry. At Ten Mile, he worked under the leadership of Steve Moore (BA’75). Bill Krause, then a professor at Boise Bible, had hired him to join Cherry Lane Christian Church which became Ten Mile Christian. Nick got to work with multiple amazing graduates at Cherry Lane/Ten Mile: Heath Fagan (BS’09), Erin Johnston (BS’15), Steve Botsford (BS’09), Grace (Johnson) Hanson (BS’14), Marsha Frost (BS’02), Buddy Gharring (BS’18), and Justin Jordan (BS’08). While at Ten Mile, Nick was able to go with teams to minister in Haiti with GVCM.

In 2018 Nick was invited to join the staff of Canyon Springs Christian Church in Middleton, ID.  Mike Whitford, the senior pastor of Canyon Springs, helped Nick transition into the lead role.  The church is a vibrant, thriving church in a rapidly growing area.  The learning curve has been steep, but Nick and Beth love the amazing people of Canyon Springs, including the top-notch staff. At Canyon Springs, Nick has been blessed to work with more BBC Grads: Taylor Crane (BS’14), John Avery (BA’19), and Robert Penna (BS’12).

Nick has gone on to earn a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry from Emmanuel Christian Seminary.

Nick loves the opportunity to pour into young leaders.  During his time at Ten Mile and Canyon Springs, he has gotten to work with at least 20 interns from Boise Bible College, and he has encouraged many high school students to attend Boise Bible.

Beth has gotten to use her Boise Bible College worship degree as a volunteer worship leader at both Ten Mile and Canyon Springs. She loves to meet with young women, encouraging them and helping them take the next steps in their discipleship. She also gets to work with both the student ministry and the youth band at Canyon Springs.

They have four sons, Brycen, Jace, Zeke, and Kai, who keep them very busy. Nick spends as much time playing with the boys as possible. He loves a good book and can relax sitting in a coffee shop with a good brew. Beth likes to sing and use her giftedness to worship God. When she isn’t doing the “mom” routine, you can find her knitting or playing board games.

Even though Nick’s focus was in Christian Education and Beth’s focus was in Music, the solid Bible teaching and the wide-ranging practical ministry training have prepared them to fill a variety of roles in the local church.

When asked about the College’s values and how they have influenced them, they responded:

  • Scholarship – “We learned so much more than just those skills and ideas related to our respective degree programs.  We were encouraged to write at a high level, think at a high level, and speak at a high level.  We grew in our relational and leadership capacity.  Our time at BBC prepared us to serve the local church in a variety of roles.”
  • Community – “We forged life-long friendships with the people we studied alongside at BBC.  We’ve also gotten to know alumni who have come before them and after them, and many of these people have become good friends as well.”
  • Humility – “We believe that all true leadership is servant leadership.  This is something we were taught at BBC, and we also saw it modeled by the amazing professors and staff at BBC.”
  • Innovation – “At BBC, we didn’t learn WHAT to think—we learned HOW to think.  The skills gained at BBC have proven to be transferrable to many different ministry contexts.”

Nick serves on the College Board of Directors because of the focus the College has on developing ministry servant leaders. He is a huge fan of Boise Bible College. After nearly twenty years of ministry Nick’s favorite part continues to be seeing people, young and mature, take the next steps in their faith and encounter Jesus in a fresh way.