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Two Families Brought Together – Sam & Brittany Gill

Author: David Davolt
Published on: March 18, 2021

Brittany Hoff grew up mostly in Washington state, hearing of her grandfather’s legacy, Doyle Farnsworth (BBC ’60). Besides preaching and building churches, he and her grandmother Anna (Macauley) Farnsworth traveled the globe visiting missions in Africa, Thailand, India, and Pakistan. In 1969, on a trip to Pakistan, Doyle Farnsworth was noticed by Sadiq Gill. Little did either of these two know that years later, a granddaughter and a son would marry and bring these two cultures together.

Brittany’s first connections to Boise Bible College link back to her grandfather Doyle. Her mother and most of her mom’s sisters attended BBC, too. Sixteen-year-old Brittany traveled to India with her parents to visit John Gabriel (BBC Honorary Doctorate 2004) and his wife Kunjamma. They were very influenced by Boise Bible College professors and her grandfather.

In Pakistan, Sam Gill grew up in a Christian home thanks to the efforts of Lee Turner, who led his father, Sadiq Gill, and family to Christ. Growing up as a minority Christian among a class full of Muslim students, he was challenged to defend his faith often. From an early age, he had a deep desire to study the Bible, and when he was in high school, Lee Turner asked if he was interested to study abroad after finishing his undergrad college. Brother Turner sponsored Sam to attend Boise Bible College. Lee led Sam’s family to Christianity and played a pivotal role in leading Cliff Hoff to Christ – Brittany’s paternal grandfather.

A long story short, Boise Bible College brought Brittany and Sam together. Sam graduated in 2007 with a BS, and Brittany a year later with a BA. After attending college together, they were married in 2010.

They both came to Boise Bible for its reputation of teaching the Bible and commitment to Biblical values. Three men were close to each of them: Dr. Charles Crane, Dr. Kenneth Beckman, and Mr. Dale Cornett. Dr. Crane was President most of their time at the college, and he always encouraged them. Sam remembers when he arrived from Pakistan how Dr. Crane picked him up at the airport and took him straight to an Indian Restaurant. Sam says, “He always appreciated me for my hard work, and he was also another person who, after Brother Lee Turner, made my studies possible at BBC.”

Dr. Kenneth Beckman was one of the big pillars of Boise Bible College. Sam commented, “His true greatness can only be established by a consideration of the fact that he was a great teacher. He was a very special teacher, and his words still motivate us, to this day, in our ministry and personal lives…He could read students’ minds and was incredibly perceptive. Some classic statements that he used to say: “Dig deeper in God’s word so that you can get a clearer view of scripture,” “Do your absolute best, and Angels cannot do better,” “Our Churches should always be welcoming and generous to missionaries.” Missionaries have so much to share, and people can learn from them.”

Mr. Cornett was a great teacher, friend, and mentor to them.“Mr. Cornett knew the Bible. He taught well, could debate well, and was the humblest man known. He lived what he preached, and his practical and family life were great examples to us.” 

Other staff who made a difference included Neil and Kirsten Kluckow, who were exceptionally caring to both of them. Mark Stevens encouraged Sam and really went out of his way to help him as an international student. Two students stand out for them: Jack Miller and his wife, Carol, were a tremendous help to them and still are today. Mindy Salcido, another fellow student, made the first donation for the New Hope Mission that was launched in 2007. 

Sam recalls working on the college dorms and new classroom building with Marvin Bullock. Marv taught him the importance of hard work as well as being a selfless person, available to help others. Just seeing the completed dorms makes Sam proud to think that his fingerprints were on the project. Brittany was the president of the first BBC Toastmaster’s Club on campus and helped with the worship team at Ten Mile Christian Church. She remembers in Church History class being awarded the “Carpal Tunnel” award for typing the most notes and nearly typing verbatim what the professors said! 

BBC prepared them for the future in many ways. After their marriage in 2010, in the Treasure Valley, they moved cross-country to Cincinnati to attend Seminary at Cincinnati Christian University. They had the privilege to study under Dr. Jack Cottrell, a well-known scholar whose books are widely used for textbooks at Boise Bible College. They both received degrees in 2014; Sam earned a Master of Divinity and was presented with the Church Growth Award by the faculty. Brittany received a Master of Arts in Religion. Graduation was just three weeks after their first daughter, Amelia, was born. 

They moved to Pakistan in 2015, where Brittany was warmly welcomed into Sam’s large family. They now have three daughters, Amelia (2014), Savannah (2016), and Esme (2018). They are the delight of the extended family. Brittany has learned Urdu (Pakistan’s national language) and can speak, read and sing it! She is also learning Punjabi and has recorded Christian songs on YouTube in both languages. When they have free time, Sam likes to read books, go on nature walks and hikes. Brittany spends time with her music, recording, performing, and video editing. And they both enjoy as much time as possible with their girls. 

Their ministry in Pakistan is to encourage the Christian minority. In Pakistan, 97% are Muslims, and only 3% are Christians. Most Christian are poor and live tough lives, which makes them an easy target for radical Muslims to falsely accuse and take advantage of their lives. Many Christians cannot read the Bible and must rely on what others tell them or what their preachers tell them. There is a huge need for correct Bible teaching. The basic doctrine they received at BBC has been so helpful for them.  

The ministry includes church planting. As of now, they have four healthy churches. Sam teaches an inductive Discipleship Bible Class. They have witnessed numerous baptisms over the last few years. In just one summer, they had 45! God is changing lives, and they continue to see a great need to live out the gospel. 

They have a Christian school for Christian and Muslim kids. They help poor Christian kids get an education that they otherwise would not receive. Once Christian kids receive an education, they can find a good job, make more money, and help their families as they show others what it means to be a Christian. They have scholarship programs to help students who live far from the school and help deserving college students. They hold Adult Education classes when possible. They also have a Sewing Center for women. Most of the women have no previous education, which gives them a skill/trade that allows them to start their own sewing business from their homes and earn money. 

In times of disasters or emergencies, they provide blankets, food, and other items to help those in need. During the Coronavirus pandemic, they have helped over 100 families with rations. They have helped families in their churches, neighbors, and Muslims who asked for help. They have funds available to help those with medical needs. Sometimes, they must help with legal fees too. You can read more about their mission, New Hope for Pakistan, at www.newhopeforpakistan.org. 

Together Sam and Brittany said, “Boise Bible College was a wonderful environment. The students were very kind and helpful to each other. It felt like a family atmosphere. BBC provided a strong foundation for both of us. We are much better at life because of the classes and the people that taught and mentored us. Thank you BBC! We would recommend to any Christian to pursue a Bible education at Boise Bible College to always keep the Bible as your top authority. Don’t let anything else supersede the Bible. Growing in knowledge and theology is important, but living an exemplary example through our family life and practical lifestyle speaks louder than our words. People from different cultures, especially, will notice your life choices more than anything. The USA is becoming very multi-cultural, and we need to be ready in new ways to be ambassadors of Christ. We need to prepare our children and grandchildren for these times.”