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His Relationship with Boise Bible Started Early – Dave Humphreys

Author: David Davolt
Published on: March 4, 2021

Several families have attended Boise Bible College through multiple generations. The Humphreys family is one of those long-time loyal families. One of our earliest graduates was Bill Humphreys (BA’53). His wife, Virginia (Watkins), was also a student. During their days as a student, their son, David, was born, beginning his relationship with BBC before he could even remember. Bill’s first two ministries were in Vale and Richland, Oregon, allowing him to return to Boise and teach an occasional class.  David recalls the impact of church camps, growing up with the likes of Kenny Beckman and Bob Ballard as speakers and teachers. The first 16 years of David’s life were near Boise, then his dad took a ministry in San Jose after David’s junior year in high school.

His first year of college was at San Jose Bible College, where he could stay home and work to pay his way. Then his father took a job at Oakland Church of Christ in Oregon, and the family all moved.  Dave enrolled at Boise Bible College in the fall of 1970, feeling so much more at home. He knew the old army barrack dorms and the 18th and Eastman church building and the men who taught classes.  He recalls Dexter Williams with his amazing memory of Scripture, Bob Ballard with his steady, straightforward explanation of the Bible text with his droll sense of humor, and Kenny Beckman’s confident, clear teaching and passion for Christ and His Church.

During Dave’s first year at BBC, the men’s dorm became over-crowded, and the college rented a house across the street from the church building where 5 or 6 “men” moved. It was called the “Monastery.” A neighbor lady noticed a couple of smaller Honda motorcycles on the porch and called the police to report that the “Hell’s Angels” had moved in! (It is hard to know who was more offended, BBC or the “Hell’s Angels.”)

Perhaps the best part of his first year at BBC was winning the heart of a fellow student, Miss Patty Jo Buck. She had come to college to grow spiritually AND to find a preacher to marry. From her early teen years, she desired to be a preacher’s wife and had collected clippings, poems, scripture verses, and sermon and lesson notes to help her future husband be effective in his service.  Dave still has that notebook, and it makes him smile that he was the fortunate one whom God blessed with her clear focus and purpose.

Dave returned for his second year with a new bride who lovingly worked to help support them, serving as a cook and house parent at the Christian Children’s Home and later at the BBC’s dorms. Dave helped with the building of the multipurpose facility on our present campus. His graduating class of 1974 was the first to have its ceremony in that building.

Dave made some great friendships with Dan Raynor (BA’74) and his buddy Chuck Sackett (BA’72). He traveled with singing groups representing the college and enjoyed great times with Lee White (BA’74), Paul Reyman, and his sister, Beth, now married to Steve Moore (BA’75). The college didn’t own a van, so they would travel in an International Travel All with Boise Christian Children’s Home logo printed on the doors. He remembers how people thought they must be homeless or abandoned kids and how they had fun playing the part just for fun.

The classes, prayer chapels, guest speakers, and ministry opportunities all helped confirm and solidify truths Dave had heard as a preacher’s kid all his life. BBC gave him a firm foundation and skills and tools to be of service in Kingdom work for a lifetime. Dave said, “The overall experience of learning and mentoring through experience helped establish and ignited my desire to use my life in the eternally worthwhile purpose of serving Christ by loving people and building and upholding His Bride, The Church.”

I enjoy BBC’s vision and purpose and believe that those seeking a solid foundation for their faith, a mentoring of their spiritual growth, and an equipping for their service to Christ and His Church will be truly blessed and helped by investing time with the people and the program of Boise Bible College

Dave Humphreys

Life After Boise Bible College

Dave and Patty Jo started serving congregations the year before he graduated. His father-in-law, Erville Buck, arranged for him to serve in London Springs, Oregon (near Cottage Grove) for a summer. When he finished school, they returned to work with the youth and preach on Sundays. Soon they moved to Woodburn Christian Church to work with the youth. After five years and a change in Senior ministers, they moved to Rupert Christian Church in southern Idaho as an associate minister. Dave was selected to serve as the Minister at Phoenix Church of Christ in Phoenix, OR, where they stayed for over 20 years.

His next stop was The King’s Christian Church in Lolo, Montana, where they served for 10 years. They moved cross-country at that point to Augusta, Georgia, where their youngest daughter lived, and enjoyed 2 years of serving and teaching at Columbia County Christian Church. They were called back to Oregon in 2014 to minister at Drain Church of Christ– not far from Oakland where he left to attend BBC some 50 years ago, and twenty miles down the road from the first church they served at in London. Dave and Patty Jo have rich memories and treasured friendships from their ministries over the years.

Dave and Patty Jo have three children: Cariann, Nathan, and Ariel. They have been blessed with 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. They all live in the Medford area. Three siblings live within 30 miles. This gives them plenty of opportunities to enjoy family.

When asked about the impact Boise Bible College had on his nearly fifty years of serving the church, Dave responded, “I truly appreciate the clear, compassionate stance that BBC has established through its Biblical stance, its committed staff, and a strong passion for proclaiming and defending Jesus Christ as Lord, Scripture as God’s written Word and the Church as His Body and instrument to accomplish His mission.” He went on to say, “I continue to enjoy BBC’s vision and purpose and believe that those seeking a solid foundation for their faith, a mentoring of their spiritual growth and an equipping for their service to Christ and His Church will be truly blessed and helped by investing time with the people and the program of Boise Bible College.”