Never Wanted a Degree – Doug Macauley

Author: David Davolt
Published on: September 10, 2020

Doug Macauley – Never wanted a degree – only to be known as “SJC”

Traveling across Oregon with his family on a hot day, packed into an old Mercedes with a heater that refused to turn off. That’s Doug Macauley’s first memory of visiting Boise Bible College. They were heading for Spring Conference.

His Uncle Willie, Uncle Paul, and Uncle Doyle Farnsworth had all attended. His mother had Minnesota connections and was recruited to work at the Boise Children’s Home. His dad was introduced to her during a trip to Boise with his brother, and soon they were married by Kenny Beckman at the Church of Christ at 18th and Eastman.

Meeting and hearing the stories of graduates like Dale Marshall (BA’59) and John Gabriel (HD’04) inspired Doug. While he was still young, his father moved the family to Arcata, CA, where his Uncle Doyle Farnsworth preached, and John Gabriel attended. They logged but, even though it was lucrative, they found the cost of living too high and returned to Cottage Grove, OR, where they attended 6th and Gibbs Church of Christ. Doug’s mom helped start a VBS in the Delight Valley public elementary school, which would go on to become the start of a new church in Delight Valley. Doug grew up attending private Christian schools, and when he wasn’t at school, he was mostly at church.

His Uncle Doyle followed them to Cottage Grove to help the new church (now called Delight Valley Church of Christ). With the help of family and others, he built the building from the ground up. Doug remembers pounding thousands of nails, helping build trusses. In that building, he and three of his siblings were immersed into Christ on November 2, 1977, an important day in the Macauley family.

Doug’s first trip to check out the college for himself was at the invitation of Virginia Humphries, whose husband Bill (BA’53) preached at the church in London, OR. She took Doug, his brother Steve, and two high school girls to a visitation. That would be the first of dozens of trips for Doug over the next forty-plus years – occasionally to attend classes. Much more often, he took high school students to see the college. This is still the pattern of Doug’s life – talk to high school students anywhere he can about Boise Bible College. Even as recently as the family camp at Grove Christian Camp over Labor Day weekend, he had high schoolers around his table at mealtime, telling them about BBC.

In 1980, the Macauley’s went to Seattle for the North American Christian Convention, where BBC’s Image of Christ sang. That sealed his plans; he enrolled for the fall semester. He learned more in that first semester than in the previous 18 years, which included weekly Christian schooling, youth groups, and church. He and his roommate John Hendricks became lifelong friends. Doug’s first semester was also the first for new professors Chuck Faber and Dale Cornett.

From the beginning, Doug’s goal was to learn, not to obtain a degree. He remembers Bill Putman in Personal Evangelism saying, “Many people will miss heaven by 18 inches – the distance from their head to their heart.” This passion for people would lead Doug in everything he did.

In November, he caught a ride to Eugene with the BBC choir who sang there. He got a ride home and found some parts to fix a car in Boise, visited his parents, then returned to Boise with the choir. Late that night, Mr. Beckman knocked on his dorm door, informing him of his mother’s death due to cancer. He was so thankful to have been able to see his mother her last weekend. Doug and Steve went back home for the service, then returned to finish the semester, but stayed home the next semester to help the family.

Most of the 1980s found Doug running heavy equipment and logging in the woods. Nearly every year, he drove a busload of high schoolers to Preview, and he would take in the occasional semester of classes. Doug helped with various ministries and took a job in Alaska working for Ron Whited, then later on Bainbridge Island, WA, still working for Ron. While in WA, he spent weekends at McKinley Park Christian Church in Tacoma with Don and June Robinson. This would lead him to meet Steve (BA’96) and Becky Overlin, and a high school student named John Whittaker (BA’92). Naturally, Doug was soon sent to BBC with a van full of high school students from MPCC.

In the 1990s, Doug’s ministry expanded to mission trips and camps. Traveling to the Dominican Republic with his brother Laryn, and Daryl Chase, they helped Gordon Thompson and Doug Reed(BS’06). Doug and his sister, Laura, were some of the first to visit Nick Adams (BS’95) in Zimbabwe after he and Lindale (BC’92) began their ministry there. He stayed for six weeks helping the Adams’. Years before, Doug had given Nick a ride to Preview.

Danny (BA’79) and Traci Harrod asked Doug one summer to help at Grove Christian Camp, which turned into 25 years of serving as a camp counselor, up to eight weeks some summers. He still tries to plan his work around the camp season and continues to encourage students to consider BBC as he befriends BBC camp reps.

The 2000s found Doug continuing to help and travel with others around the world: Martyn Mayfield (BA’84) in China, Frank Miller in Haiti, friends and an orphanage in Taiwan, Israel with Charles Crane leading and Dale Cornett as his roommate, TCMI in Austria, trips to Pinehaven Christian Ranch in Montana and many more.

Doug did finally obtain a degree, at Chuck Faber’s encouragement. In 2000, after taking a class at Kentucky Christian College, he was awarded an AS, 20 years from when he started. The same night, Carl Anderson was awarded an Honorary Doctorate. Doug will always remember what Carl told him, “The only letters I want after my name are SJC – Servant of Jesus Christ.”

Doug has made a lifetime commitment to mentoring and encouraging young people and peers alike to see Jesus. He has learned to live frugally, stay out of debt, and always trust God. Numerous camps, trips, and his work in logging have been his mission field. He’s certainly been one of BBC’s best recruiters. Somehow, for forty years now, God has been using Doug and supplying his every need, and all Doug wants to be remembered as is a SJC.