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He Almost Missed Boise Bible – Randy Bourn

Author: Boise Bible College
Published on: August 6, 2020

Praise God He Didn’t!

Boise Bible College was a tremendous blessing in Randy Bourn’s life, but he almost missed it. If a youth minister hadn’t challenged him to consider giving Bible College a serious thought, he would have missed out on everything God had in store for him through BBC.

Randy, one of nineteen students in Hansen High School’s class of 1988 in south-central Idaho, planned to attend Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa to pursue a degree in Business. He wanted to make money and climb the corporate ladder – “to be successful in the world’s eyes,” he says. He was committed to Jesus as his Savior, but never dreamed of attending a Bible college, and had no interest in helping anyone else with their walk with Christ.

Little did he know that in a few short months, God would change all of his plans. Before NNU classes started, his youth minister, Sherri Thacker, challenged him to consider giving God one year at a Bible college to help him understand the Bible before going on to pursue a Business degree. She reasoned that if he was going to spend four years preparing for a 40-year career in Business, he should at least consider devoting one year to learning the Bible to prepare him for the rest of his Christian life. It was a simple argument, but one God used to change the course of his life. He began to investigate a Bible college education.

Later that summer, Randy met Bill and Bobbie Putman, who worked in the Admissions Office at BBC. In less than six weeks, he went from knowing little to nothing about BBC to moving into the dorms as a student. He intended to spend one year at BBC then transfer to NNU to prepare for a future in the business world.

During those first few months at BBC, the Bible came alive in a way he had never experienced. He began to see the story of God in a new and exciting way, and his commitment to study the Bible grew. During his first semester at BBC, in the fall of 1988 – for the first time in his life – he knew he wanted to help others see the Bible come alive in their lives like it did in his. God got hold of his heart through the faculty and staff at BBC in such a way that his entire future changed forever. His one-year commitment turned into a four-year commitment that led to a degree in ministry.

Life After Boise Bible College

After graduation in 1992, he married the love of his life, Brynda Steinocker; they’ve now been married almost 27 years. They moved to Pocatello, ID, where he worked for Intermountain Church Planters Association and Gate City Christian Church before returning to BBC to work in the Admissions office. There he had many opportunities to tell his story about how God used BBC to change the direction of his life and prepare him to serve Him and His kingdom.

Brynda graduated from the University of Idaho in 1998, and they relocated to Gallup, NM. After three days of sitting on the couch, Randy decided he needed to do something and responded to an ad for a sales position with Xerox Corporation. That started a 14-year career in sales and marketing with Xerox.

Shortly after Randy moved to Gallup and started working for Xerox, the little church they attended (where Derek and Pam Helt, also BBC graduates, served) found itself looking for a minister. While they looked for one, the elders asked Randy to do an interim ministry. It included preaching on weekends and doing ministry in the evenings while he worked full-time for Xerox. It was a great arrangement that God blessed for over eight years. He grew to love the people in Gallup and was excited about how God was leading him in ministry during that time.

Many more amazing things happened, including the birth of their daughter Zoe, who is now 16. But after another turn of events orchestrated by God, Randy found himself led back to Boise to join the staff of Eagle Christian Church, which his friend Steve Crane had started years earlier while Randy lived in his basement.

After 16 years away from Boise, Randy was able to return and do ministry with professors and friends he had met at BBC. Randy still serves at ECC as Campus Pastor of the Surprise Valley campus in east Boise. He also completed a Master’s degree in preaching from Johnson University in 2018. He loves his church and community, and the ministry of God is leading him to do at ECC.

Randy sums up, 

BBC has been and still is a tremendous blessing in my life. I love BBC, and I am excited to serve now as a member of the BBC Board. I know that God led me to and used BBC to mold and shape me into an instrument that He could use. I am humbled by all of the ways that I have seen God work all things together for His good in my life. I feel like the story that God began writing in my life in 1988 when I stepped foot on the BBC campus is still being written today, and He will continue to add pages to an amazing story that almost never had the chance to be written.

Randy Bourn