How We Offer an Affordable Bible College Education

Author: Ben Bishop
Published on: May 1, 2020

Boise Bible College endeavors to help students grow spiritually and intellectually. Here at BBC you will be challenged, make lasting friendships, and strengthen your relationship with God. We are here to help you every step of the way. There are many ways we offer an affordable Bible College Education. This article will highlight 3 major ways.

The first way we offer an affordable bible college education is by keeping our costs down

Boise Bible College (which is a private 4-year college) costs far less compared to other types of institutions nationwide!

Includes On-campus Room and Board, required student fees and 12 credits hours a semester tuition charges (https://research.collegeboard.org/pdf/trends-college-pricing-2019-full-report.pdf)


The actual cost may be less depending on housing choice (with parents, off-campus or on-campus) and the number of college credits planning on taking during a semester. You can see a full cost breakdown on our website.

The second way we offer an affordable bible college education is by offering institutional grants and scholarships

All of the grants and scholarships that BBC offers empower students and enable BBC to live its mission of building up the church, being a resource to the local church, and by deepening relationships with local churches throughout the world. Through hard work and determination on your part and ours, one of the ways we help fund your education at BBC is with scholarships. Take a look at our Financial Aid page for more.

Incoming Students = Access to $9,500 in Scholarships

Depending on availability and eligibility, incoming students may have access to over $9,500 a year in BBC scholarships. This does not include any sort of Federal aid such as the Pell grant or student loans. Many of the BBC awards given to incoming students are renewable and continual for more than one year depending on eligibility.

Returning Students = Access to $25,000 in Scholarships

In the same way, depending on availability and eligibility, returning students have access to over $25,000 a year in BBC institutional and endowed scholarships. This also does not count any sort of Federal aid such as the Pell grant or student loans.

We do not use financial aid just to get you to attend BBC, but to help you mature while you are with us. We are here to help students from the first step they take on campus to even after they graduate! This ‘whole journey’ approach sets us apart from many other institutions!

BBC awards scholarships to its students for leadership ability, academic merit, ministry desire, and financial need. As a first-time student at BBC, applying for most of our scholarships is as easy as completing your application for admission! For other institutional scholarships, you can apply online.

The third way we offer an affordable bible college education is by offering federal grants and loans

Federal aid programs such as grants and student loans are also available at BBC in order to make an affordable Christian education available. To see what you may be eligible for, please complete the matching Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the academic year you plan to attend. This yearly application will determine your eligibility for:

Federal Grants:

Unlike loans, grants do not have to be paid back in most circumstances. Eligible Grants include:

  • The Federal Pell Grant
  • FSEOG Grant

Student Loans:

Unlike grants and scholarships, loans are borrowed funds that MUST be repaid with interest. Several types of loans may be available to both students and their parents. We recommend that students be wise and carefully consider loans and the amount to be repaid after much research and prayer.

  • Subsidized Loans
  • Unsubsidized loans
  • Parent PLUS Loan

However, in the case you may need to take out student loans to invest in your education, Boise Bible College offers The BBC Pledge for all incoming, Bachelor’s degree-seeking students. The BBC Pledge is a loan repayment assistance program through Aredeo Education Solutions.

Needless to say, Boise Bible College is an affordable Christian college. Due to the affordable cost, scholarships, and federal aid available to students many graduate with minimal or no debt. Of course, we understand that every situation is different and will do our best to help each student be successful.