Prepared for Ministry – Erin Johnston

Author: David Davolt
Published on: March 20, 2020
Categories: 75thAnniversary

Erin Johnston wanted to pursue full-time ministry with her life but didn’t know what that looked like. While attending Ten Mile Christian Church, key people like Nick (BA’04) and Beth (BS’05) Duffel and Justin Jordan (BS’08) came alongside and helped her figure it out. She knew they were Boise Bible grads and saw a depth of character and a deep love for Jesus in them.

This led her to enroll.

Dr. Derek Voorhees’ class on 2 Corinthians was her favorite. She says,

It gave me a deeper appreciation for God’s word, and a desire to dig beneath the many layers of Scripture to find the deeper truths that are all throughout the Bible.


Life in the dorms was great for Erin. She remembers staying up way too late having dance parties, singing, and procrastinating on homework, then later cramming when due dates and deadlines pressed. “Good times,” she says. Many lifelong friends were made during this time, whom she often still contacts to process challenges in ministry.

Asked to recall a prank, she told us that one day a male student’s bike, which wasn’t locked up, was stolen from the bike rack. So he bought a new bike. Two days later, Erin and her friends walked by and noticed the new bike also wasn’t locked up. They lifted the bike into the tree overhead and locked it there. He later came out of class and was looking for his bike, not knowing it was 30 feet over his head.


Since BBC, Erin’s desires for ministry have been lived out. She served over four years as Youth Pastor at Ten Mile Christian Church, and today serves as Youth Pastor at Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas, NV. She loves living in Las Vegas with her dog, Sophie, and impacting the lives of hundreds of youth.

To Erin, who graduated in 2015 with a BA in Biblical Studies, BBC’s values of scholarship, innovation, humility, and community all resonate with her experience.

BBC prepared her to communicate well and articulate her thoughts, which are skills she is always thankful for. She says ministry is hard, but even through hard transitions and decisions, God has been shaping and molding her; He has always been faithful.

Erin was scheduled to be one of our alumni speakers at Spring Conference. As of this week, we have had to cancel ALL GROUP EVENTS on campus through the end of the semester. We are still considering future events after May. Read the COVID-19 Campus Response.


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