Kevin Hill’s plan to spend one year at a Bible college turned into a life’s calling.

Kevin said, “My parents wanted me to go to Boise Bible College for at least one year; I had planned to be a fish & game officer. I was working and going to school to save money to become an officer when I felt the call to become a minister.” It’s a call he is glad he answered.

Kevin spent most of his growing up years in Emmett, ID in a ranching family. His family lived in Burns, OR when he was in 3rd and 4th grade. He met his wife, Jennifer at Boise Bible College in the fall of 1985 and they were married in the spring of 1986. In 1987 he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. Their journey has involved growing a family and moving but always in the center of life has been a passion to help build God’s Kingdom here on earth. They have two adult children, Austin and Autumn, and a cat who thinks it’s a dog. Kevin enjoys reading and delving into history especially the Civil War era. It was his love for comic books and the daily newspaper comic strips that started him on a path to loving reading. He and Jennifer also enjoy traveling.

My parents wanted me to go to Boise Bible College for at least one year; I had planned to be a fish & game officer. I was working and going to school to save money to become an officer when I felt the call to become a minister.

Kevin Hill

After graduating from BBC, Kevin served as Associate Pastor at Grangeville Christian Church in Grangeville, Idaho. He then was the Evangelism Pastor at Crossroads Christian Church in Boise, Idaho. He then spent some time in the secular business world – he and his brother started a business and sold it. He was a financial planner for a while and sold merchandise on eBay with another gentleman. He also did some census work for the government. During this timeframe, he started a small church that met in their home until it grew and moved into a Christian school. It was also during this time he went back into full-time ministry and has been serving as the preaching minister at Holley Christian Church in Sweet Home, Oregon for 19 years. Jennifer works with him as a Church Administrator. Their son Austin teaches fourth grade and their daughter Autumn is a dental assistant.

Holley Christian Church was founded in 1871 and started meeting in the current building in 1897 – it is nearly 150 years old! The church today has a simple mission: Love God, Love Others and Serve. With two full services each Sunday, they’re planning on starting a third! It is a bit difficult some weeks, but not impossible! Kevin and Jennifer are most definitely vested in Holley Christian Church and the Sweet Home community!

Kevin has been in a Senior Pastor Coaching Network, being coached, for over ten years and he leads an Oregon Senior Pastor coaching group. Bob Wood, BBC graduate (BA 1982) and OCEF director said this about Kevin: “Currently 11 guys are in Kevin’s lead pastor coaching. Each of the churches represented by these pastors are growing dynamically. This coaching may be the closest thing I have seen to Jesus’ discipleship method of teaching and sending out the other leaders to practice and return to challenge the others in the coaching to do the same.

Kevin’s greatest love and passion is building Christ’s Kingdom! He also leads half-day seminars for area churches. Thirty-two different churches have been influenced and helped through the training offered. He serves as the chairman of the board for the OCEF church planters and has been a significant part of the success of church planting and church revitalization around the state of Oregon.

Kevin’s education at Boise Bible College combined with ministry experience and the six years of working in the business industry has given him the tools to love people and understand them.

Thank you, Kevin, for a lifetime of preaching the Word, mentoring and equipping others and living out the gospel in word and action!

Kevin is one of twelve speakers at the Boise Bible College’s Spring Conference in May. He will be presenting “The Church: Protected to Pursue Spiritual Character Traits” from Ephesians 6:10-17 Thursday evening before Chuck Sackett wrapping up the week from Ephesians 6:18-20.