Boise Bible College has attracted all types of people from around the world. Their reasons to attend Bible college have not always been focused on the vocational ministry, but nearly always they came with a strong desire to make a difference in the world.

Steve Moore grew up in the small community of Boring, just south of Gresham, Oregon. He was like many high school students of his time: he loved football but followed the crowd as he grew up. He rebelled for a good three years as a young man before completely surrendering his life to Christ. He then felt a need to make up for the lost time and wanted to learn the Bible so that, as he put it, “I could interpret it for myself.” He was influenced heavily by his minister at the time, Dave Traxler. David Henry (BA ’68) was a positive influence on Steve. Steve also remembers Richard Carter (BA ’56) strongly encouraging his going to Boise Bible College.

Steve transferred from a twelve thousand student college with a large campus to small Boise Bible College with about forty students meeting in the basement of a church. This was a culture shock, to say the least! He came in January of 1971. He felt blessed that the “dorm” was full and he “got to live in the Monastery” located on 18th Street across from the church building.

His good memories of class include Kenneth Beckman teaching Systematic Theology, Robert Ballard teaching Acts, Dexter Williams in Romans and David Chandler for Minister’s Life and Work.

Steve recalls lots of good times playing and studying during his time at BBC. He remembers a time when he “accidentally” threw a firecracker into Dale Peery’s (BA’73) typewriter as he was typing out his daily paraphrase of 1 Corinthians for Mr. Ballard’s class. “For some reason, Dale didn’t think that was funny as he picked up the shredded paper and had to start all over again.” In Steve’s words, “For the most part, what happened in the Monastery stayed in the Monastery.”

Looking back over the last half a century, Steve says the number one value he gained from his time at BBC was the strong conviction that “all Scripture is inspired by God.” Second to that was the calling to be a “servant of the Church.”

“I am grateful for BBC’s leaders who have and continue to lead with these values.”

Steve Moore

Steve has been blessed to serve his entire ministry with one church, Meridian Church of Christ (now Ten Mile Christian Church) in Meridian, Idaho, a community that has consistently grown in population. He is in his 48th year! God has allowed him to see the church go through many stages of growth and today they continue to grow.

The greatest gift Boise Bible College gave to Steve was his wife Bethene Humphreys. That has led to four generations of Moore’s and the dearest friends whom they have done life with through the church and around the globe. Steve and Bethene have three daughters: Stephanie, Michelle, and Nicole; son-in-law, Russ; and three grandchildren: Toby, Lucy, and Jordy. Steve and Bethene have a small farm and he enjoys raising hay and riding horses.

After Boise Bible College, Steve earned a Master of Ministrydegree from Pepperdine University and has forty hours at Emmanuel Christian Seminary toward an M.Div.

Steve’s BBC experience involved all of our values: scholarship, humility, community, and innovation. He believes that our mission statement — Boise Bible College glorifies God by equipping servant leaders who build up the church to advance the gospel worldwide — is perhaps stronger today than it has ever been. He says, “I am grateful for BBC’s leaders who have and continue to lead with these values.”