Graduates Return to Teach, Build, and Help BBC

Author: David Davolt
Published on: January 30, 2020

The Ballard’s, Graduates #10 and #11

In the early years of Boise Bible College many students came from Nebraska. Joan Boyd (Ballard) came in January 1951 from Gering, the same town from which Kenneth Beckman came. He was the minister of the Gering Christian Church where Joan attended.

She met Robert Ballard who had come to BBC from Portland, Oregon and they were married in 1953. They spent many weekends on the road, traveling with other students to preach and sing. They traveled to Adrian, OR with Dewey (1955) and Neila Obenchain and Richard (1956) and Eloise Carter; Glenns Ferry, ID with Bill (1953) and Virginia Humphreys; and Jerome and Eden, ID with Dick (1953) and Coleen Smith. The guys did the preaching and the girls provided piano, song leading, and special music. Joan, Neila, and Eloise sang in a trio. They all had strong voices (this was before microphones) so it was a good blend.

Joan describes the typical day of a college student in the early 1950’s:

Get up at 5:00, be to breakfast by 6:15, leave in time for classes from 7:00 to Noon, back to the dorm for lunch, go to work at their jobs in downtown Boise, head home for supper; back to school for some possible evening classes, then study – often till midnight – and get up the next morning to do it all over again. One of her first classes was Logic, taught by Chuck Richards at 7:00 AM. She says, “I didn’t see anything logical about Logic at 7:00 AM!”

I didn’t see anything logical

about Logic at 7:00 AM!

- Joan Ballard

Bob and Joan both graduated in 1955, along with Dewey Obenchain, Stacy Marriott and Juanita Perry. Bob took a ministry in Del Paso Heights, CA but it was only a few months before BBC asked him to come back and teach, starting in 1956. They returned and both taught for twenty years. Bob taught Bible, New and Old Testaments and related subjects, while Joan taught music, including song leading, piano, and music theory. Spring break was always a busy time. They took small promotion groups to churches all over the northwest as well as Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Nevada, and California. Each year at Conference the college choir of 25 – 30 performed a cantata. In 1995 (BBC’s 50th year), 62 of Joan’s former choir and small group members came together to sing each night of the Spring Conference.


Moving the College


When it came time to move the school to our present location, Bob was instrumental in finding the new property and leading the building of the two original dorms and multi-purpose building, coordinating teams of volunteers, most of which were from the 18th and Eastman Church. This came at personal sacrifice to him as one day he fell through the roof onto the cement floor below, breaking several bones.

Joan also served as a part-time assistant to President Richard Ewing, including travels in his airplane and taking students to various churches to promote the college. She recalls many adventures in the air.

Bob went to be with the Lord in 2010. Joan lives in Boise and attends Ten Mile Christian Church in Meridian.

Bob and Joan Ballard played a major role in helping BBC mature in the early years. We are grateful for their sacrifice and dedication to helping equip servant leaders for the Church.


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