75 Years of Glorifying God by Equipping Servant Leaders

Author: David Davolt
Published on: January 23, 2020

​The early years of Boise Bible College were marked by big changes in the world around us. World War II ended the month before classes started in 1945.  The 1940’s and 50’s would see many firsts: Jackie Robinson joins the Brooklyn Dodgers, the first Holiday Inn opens, KFC opens, The Today Show debuts, Mother Teresa opens a home in Calcutta for the dying and destitute, the microwave oven is invented, the first passenger jet is introduced, and the “big bang” theory of the creation of the universe is propounded.

BBC was founded in a time of change and spiritual void in our country as the war ended. The 1950’s were a time when America began to think of itself as a Christian nation. Revival meetings were popular and churches once again grew, as new churches were also started.

In this time BBC attracted young men and women who were looking to the Bible for direction and were challenged to become ministers of the Gospel. Three early graduates typify the BBC graduate in those years.


Richard (Dick) Scott, 1954, Graduate #8

Dick Scott and his new wife, Dorothy, moved to Boise in 1950 to attend classes. The first graduating class at Boise Bible College was in 1950 – one woman (see her story here). The second class in 1952 found two more women and the first man graduating. In 1953 two men received degrees. Then in 1954, Dick graduated with James Weldon and Doris Scott.  Dick was BBC’s 8th graduate. His years as a student were just the start of a life-long relationship with the college.

Dick took a job in Colorado after graduation, followed by South Dakota, Michigan, and Montana before he felt called back to God’s country — the northwest! He always served in smaller communities and churches. But whenever something was needed at Boise Bible College, we could count on Dick.

He and his family laid the tile in the gym and helped with numerous other projects on campus. When asked to serve on the board he willingly did. Board meeting minutes from September 29-30, 1983 record Dick making or seconding many of the motions.

The meeting centered on many areas of concern surrounding the recruitment of students (similar to today):

  • Lack of scholarships
  • Weak church youth groups
  • The need to establish long-term relationships with prospects
  • Diminishing interest among local churches
  • Lack of married student housing
  • Intense competition from other colleges

Some things never change – strong, knowledgeable, biblical scholars who love God and people are hard to find and in great need!

It meant much to Dick to see his grandchildren attend BBC.  David remembers attending a football game in Boise where their “boys” were playing a team that had large players. On one particular play one of their “boys” was knocked down hard enough he didn’t get up. It was decided to send him to the hospital for a checkup. David and his wife Melody drove behind the ambulance to check on him. While in the ER with him, in came Grandpa Dick to check up on his precious grandson.  Dick’s encouraging his grandson was something to remember.

Dick’s family established a scholarship to honor him – The Richard B. Scott Scholarship. It is one of the larger scholarships given to a young man preparing for the preaching ministry.  The family’s desire is to encourage students to seek out God’s calling especially in rural communities, but mostly to serve wherever God is calling them.  The scholarship has been awarded to some fine young preachers.

Dick went home to the Lord on February 14, 2019.


James Weldon, 1954, Graduate #9

David had the occasion recently to visit James Weldon, BBC ’54 (the 9th graduate) at his home in Yacolt, WA. Jim was anxious to talk about Boise Bible College’s past, present, and future. He came from Amity Christian Church in Amity, OR, where he was baptized as a high school student and his preacher encouraged him to attend BBC. He has good memories of the early days at BBC; his diploma hangs on the wall of his office.  He made life-long friends during the few short years in Boise.  He also met Charlotte Leete, a fellow student, and they married in 1951.  One of his best friends was Galen Farnsworth (BBC, 1960). The two talked nearly every week until Galen’s death in 2015.

Jim has been serving in church ministry most of the time since BBC. He served as a chaplain for many years and as mayor of Yacolt for several years. Currently at 90 years young, Jim serves at Minnehaha Church of Christ in Vancouver, WA as an Associate Minister. He donated some valuable study books that were passed on to one of our preaching majors.  Jim believes in the mission of BBC to equip servant leaders for the church worldwide.


Stacy (#12) and Evelyn (Fern) Marriott, 1955 

Traber recently had the opportunity to visit with Fern Marriott, who attended Boise Bible College from 1950 to 1955.  Originally from Richland, OR, she first heard about BBC from students who would hold Bible school classes at her church.  Fern met Stacy Marriott at BBC.  In 1955, they were married and he received his degree, becoming the 12th graduate. They moved to Burwell, NE for a preaching ministry, followed by ministries in Arriba, CO and Minatare, NE.  Stacy and Fern then moved to Goldendale, WA to be closer to family, then to Vancouver where he began work with the Department of Transportation, from which he retired.  They were active at the Minnehaha Church of Christ in Vancouver where Stacy served as an elder and many years as treasurer, also regularly making hospital calls and visiting shut-ins.  Stacy went to be with the Lord in 2008. Fern now lives in Milwaukie, OR and attends Gladstone Christian Church. Recently she took a trip to Hawaii with her four daughters, and she takes other trips as she is able.

Boise Bible College is appreciative of graduates like Richard Scott, James Weldon, Stacy Marriott and their spouses who took what they learned in classes and applied it to real life ministry wherever God called them.  Many times this was in full-time vocational ministry, other times as elders and leaders in local churches.

May these three couples be an example for many to LOVE GOD and LOVE THE PEOPLE GOD BRINGS INTO OUR LIVES.