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What is a Family and Youth Pastor? – Degrees at Boise Bible College

Author: Boise Bible College
Published on: September 27, 2019


Inside the Church, there are many positions to serve such as a Family and Youth Pastor. However, what is a Family and Youth Pastor? Simply, in this role, high school and middle school students are served, loved unconditionally, and pointed towards Jesus. Youth Pastors play an important role in releasing the potential in their students as well as building bridges between youth and the rest of the church.

In addition, Youth Pastors quickly put on many hats as they become the preacher, activity director, conflict negotiator, spiritual mentor, worship leader (maybe), and a parental figure in some cases. Lastly, they act as a spiritual resource for families and partner with parents to raise up their students in the Lord. So, keep this in mind when you sign up for this job, you sign up for many others.

This position in the church, like others, can take it’s toll. However, Boise Bible College prepares students academically, biblically, and spiritually to take on this role. Of course, attending a Bible college does come with met or unmet expectations. Read this blog, “8 things to Expect or Not Expect at Bible College.”

Through this degree, students will learn to:

  • Develop a sound philosophy of youth ministry based on biblical principles and the developmental, educational, and spiritual needs of youth and families.
  • Create and teach effective Bible lessons for the different age groups across the span of youth ministry.
  • Effectively plan, organize, lead, and administrate a ministry to meet the needs of youth and their families in a church and its community.
  • Recruit, train, and motivate the teams of workers needed to run a productive youth ministry.
  • Develop the ability to work with other church staff, ministry leaders, volunteers, and church members to accomplish the mission and goals of a congregation.

“BBC taught me the importance of every message for students! There is no such thing as a throw away message. Will they remember every one? No! But they will remember one and if each sermon has a lasting impact for one student, then the amount of prep time was worth it.”

Bryan Cobley, 2017 Alum

Remember, a youth and family pastor is training up the next generation to lead and share Jesus. So, they pour a lot of investment into their students. This can be utterly exhausting and draining, but totally worth it when they come to see Jesus authentically and humbly.