First Year of College – How to Have a Good One

Author: Boise Bible College
Published on: August 30, 2019

By Boise Bible College Admissions Office

As mentioned in past blogs, the first year of college is daunting. You’re learning to navigate new freedoms, new relationships, and new environments. In addition, as those before you can attest, living on your own isn’t easy. However, your first year of college doesn’t need to be burdensome. In fact, can be filled with fun and lasting memories.

Below are a few suggestions to have a good first year of college:


This may be easy for some students, but for others it’s a challenge. Don’t be ashamed if you’re not organized, but don’t use it as an excuse to miss assignments or procrastinate. This is a skill that can be learned. Instead, ask someone to help you or Google tips on staying organized. By being organized, you’re less likely to lose important handouts or miss assignments.


Once your organized, you can plan ahead to build in student life activities or other opportunities for fun. Planning ahead helps having a good first year of college, because you are less likely to turn down outings or activities due to an assignment you forgot or some other reason. In addition, and trust us, you’ll feel less guilty about hanging out with friends if you’ve planned ahead.


We cannot stress this suggestion enough! The “freshman fifteen” is a real thing. However, when your body is whack, then your mind follows. Sleeping and eating healthy will help you combat fatigue, stress, and other factors that burden college students. You may spend your first year in a fog if sleeping and eating healthy isn’t in your routine.


Lastly, preparing for paying for college doesn’t stop. You still have three more years to invest in before your graduate. First and foremost, find a job. The extra income will help subside cost of books or other expenses. In addition, most colleges, including Boise Bible College, provide “in-house” scholarships. These are scholarship you can apply for through the college for the additional years. Lastly, there’s many “outside” scholarships for funding your college career. These scholarships can be found on websites like Fast Web or College Board. Don’t give up on looking for funding!

Check out this video by senior, Lydia Heiner titled “My Bible College Spring Semester” :



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