Post Graduation Student Life at Boise Bible College

Author: Boise Bible College
Published on: June 28, 2019
By Boise Bible College Admissions Office

It’s summer! For Boise Bible College, summer means paused student life and academic on campus activities. However, this summer students, faculty, and staff still find themselves traveling and investing into each person encountered along the way.


The month of May marked the end of the spring semester, and at the end of every spring semester BBC hosts the annual spring conference. This conference lasted three full days and it invited church leaders from around the Pacific Northwest and beyond to participate in worship and learning. The students at BBC are always highly encouraged to participate in the workshops and main sessions of the conference. It truly is a phenomenal time of investment.

In addition, BBC’s graduation ceremony signaled the official end of the school year. This year we graduated 21 students with Bachelors degrees, 11 students with Associates degrees, and 4 students with Bible Certificates.

Jacob Hartman, Preaching Ministry graduate 2019


As the summer set in many students headed home, however 13 students stuck around to prepare for summer travel to many different camps. The camp rep teams travel from Colorado to Washington, and everywhere in between. Although typically these students travel the Northwest, this year we have a team heading to North Dakota! Most teams spend 6 – 8 weeks traveling from camp to camp serving God, students, and BBC.

student serving at different camps across the northwest
Kaitlyn Hill (far right), Camp Rep 2019

However, camp reps are not the only students traveling this summer. We have a handful of students around the world, five of whom are working in Thailand, two in Poland, and many more soon heading to England and beyond. Some of these students are fulfilling internship requirements for their Intercultural Studies program, and others are on the mission field to simply grow and serve the Kingdom of God.

students serving in Poland for the summer
Alexa (far left) and Emily (far right) serving at Proem Ministries in Poland

Although students, staff, and faculty can be found across the globe, the vibrancy of student life at BBC does not fade! What are your summer plans? We’d love to hear about them in the comments. We hope and pray that God blesses each day of the rest of your summer vacation!


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