April Campus Update

Author: Boise Bible College
Published on: April 30, 2019

By BBC Admissions Office

Exponential Boise    

Boise Bible College canceled classes so that students and teachers could attend Exponential. Exponential is one of the largest church planting conferences in the States, and for the first time ever it came to little ol’ Boise, ID. Why? Because God is doing big things in Boise!

According to Forbes, Boise is the fastest growing city in the country, and pastors are planting new churches all over the city to keep up with the growth. The church planters in Boise, known as City Network, have united across denominational and theological lines in order to grow and multiply healthy church communities, and that has inspired youth leaders of Boise to also unite in worship called United Night, which also happened this month. Boise Bible College has been honored to be a part of all these exciting ventures that the Lord is doing in our city.

BBC Film Festival

Every year, the student led Media Committee hosts a film festival, where BBC students create and submit videos that will be watched, critiqued, and judged by the student body. It is a great time of laughter, fun, and food. After the student films, a feature film is shown. This year we watched The Fellowship of the Ring.

High School Preview

If you are a high school student that did not attend Preview this year, you missed out! This year’s theme was Alienated, and the students did a phenomenal job hosting worship, inspiring laughter, and creating dramatic tech production.

All four sessions weaved together the Gospel narrative in an imaginative story, shared by English Prof. Rebecca Hasegawa. The first session explored life before alienation where God created time, Earth, life, and humanity in the Garden of Eden before sin entered the story. The second session journeyed into the origin of alienation when Adam and Eve sinned for the first time caused humanity to be permanently separated from God. The third session jumped thousands of years to the era of the Roman Empire where God took on flesh walked among our alienation in the body of Jesus Christ, the only one who can save us from our sin. And the last session experienced salvation from alienation as we imagined the horror of Christ’s crucifixion juxtaposed with His mighty resurrection from death – thus defeating alienation and reconciling us back to God!

All recordings can be found at www.boisebible.edu or by clicking the links above!

Senior Skip Day and Banquet

The senior class is fixing to graduate in under a month, and part of that milestone is celebrating freedom from schoolwork. Senior Skip Day is a special time where seniors cancel classes for everyone and we all spend the day having fun and eating food. This year the seniors planned a day full of mess and color – color dust wars, paint covered relays, Bob Ross painting stations, and a wet and wild slip and slide at the end to “clean off.” In the evening, the seniors hosted a worship time at the park. Many students ended up sunburned. Apparently, paint is not an adequate replacement for sunscreen.

The very last event of April is a long-held tradition – the Senior Banquet, hosted by the junior class. This year the juniors themed the banquet “Hall of Fame.” It was a semi-formal dinner where each graduating senior was celebrated for his or her achievements and contributions to the student body. Part of the tradition is “willing,” where seniors pass down silly or serious trinket, heirlooms, memories, or expectations to the lower classmen.

April was a busy month for Boise Bible College, but as the school year concludes, spiritual enrichment combined with jovial silliness are the best forms of rest and rejuvenation for stressed out college students.


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