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Hard Work Pays Off

Author: Boise Bible College
Published on: April 23, 2019

Frank Ocampo is an alum of Boise Bible College who graduated in 2011 with his Bachelors in Helping Professions and went on to get his Masters’ at Multnomah University in Counseling. Although Frank finds himself in the Pacific Northwest often, he currently resides in his home city of London. He is the founder of Generate Ministries.

We reached out to Frank to ask him about BBC, what he did after BBC, and how BBC prepared him for what he is doing now.

Why did you choose BBC?

I chose Boise Bible, because I felt God leading me there. I know it sounds cliché but its true. (I mean who would want to move from London, England to Boise, Idaho to attend a Bible College? It was definitely God directing me). Before coming to BBC, I had met some amazing people who became mentors of mine. Ben Smith who was a BBC graduate was the youth Pastor at Eagle Christian Church at the time, and Mark Post who was an adjunct professor at the time were big influences in my decision to come to BBC. They believed the education and experience would be vital for my future ministry in London.

“They believed the education and experience [at Boise Bible College] would be vital for my future ministry in London.”

What did you do after BBC?

After graduating BBC, I continued my education at Multnomah University in Portland, OR and gained my Masters in Counseling.  During my time at Multnomah, BBC definitely played a big part in my success. The block classes at BBC were intense, but also juggling other classes at the same time really helped me nail down time management. While at Multnomah, I served at a local church called Milwaukie Christian Church, I participated in the student leadership at Multnomah, worked at the school coffee shop, had my clinical internship, spoke and emceed at summer camps such as Christ In Youth (CIY) and WiNeMA. In my final year, I continued to do all that is mentioned above as well as writing my Case Conceptualization and prepared to defend it in front of a panel for a final grade. I would have never been able to succeed in these areas without first understanding the importance of time management as I learned at BBC.

How has BBC prepared you for where you are now?

BBC has prepared me in 3 main areas:

1) Theology/doctrine

“Their [the professors] love for the gospel and Jesus was so evident in the way they taught scripture, encouraged us to dig deep with scripture we personally wrestled with, and the way they guided us in love and grace.” – Frank Ocampo

I will be forever grateful for the professors at BBC. Their love for the gospel and Jesus was so evident in the way they taught scripture, encouraged us to dig deep with scripture we personally wrestled with, and the way they guided us in love and grace. It has been those experiences that have shaped and help me stay true to my own personal convictions about scripture.  

Over the past couple of years, I have had a couple of job opportunities, but because we stood on different grounds on certain scriptures, God was able to close that door for me. Even though I wanted the positions so bad because it was everything I had trained for, dreamt of, and fitted me so well, my love for scripture and staying true to convictions meant more to me than a position, because it honor’s God. I’m still learning more and more every time I dig into scripture, and I am thankful for the tools BBC has given me to do so. Also, this area has allowed me to gain opportunities to speak at different churches and youth conferences. Being able to preach gospel truth to them is a major honor.

2) Relationships /Discipleship

Some of my best friends and mentors have come from BBC. Till this day, I still keep in contact with them for encouragement, talk scripture, and catch up on life. Discipleship was big things while I was at BBC, being discipled and discipling someone was a model that myself and other student explored, and because of that, those relationships have blossomed over the years, even after graduating BBC.  That same discipleship model we explored as students is the fundamental groundwork and core of any ministry I walk into. Because I have seen the fruit grow from it and the impact it has made on people growing deeper in their relationship with Jesus.

“The discipleship model we explored [at BBC] as students is the fundamental groundwork and core of any ministry.” – Frank Ocampo

3) Hard work/Determination

I believe there are two types of people when it comes to academics. Either you get it and succeed without much effort or you struggle and work extra hard just to get a passing grade. I was one of those who struggled. I remember my freshmen year, everything was so new to me, even the way professors wanted their papers formatted (MLA what is that?!?!). I really struggled my first semester as a Freshman, and I remember a professor straight up told me I wasn’t going to last very long at BBC, if I continued the way I was going. That was definitely a wake-up call for me.

I had to work extra hard in all my classes, receive extra help, spend a tremendous amount of time in professor offices to hear explanations over and over again. This was my life for three and a half years at BBC. During my exit interview, that same professor that told me I was not going to last long at BBC, said I was one of the students that stood out to him over the course of the three and a half years. I showed hard work, dedication, and never gave up. I graduated BBC with a 2.99GPA (I say 3.0), but then I graduated with my Masters’ in Counseling with a 3.75. Hard work paid off.


That same hard work and determination are currently being used with a project I started here in London called Generate Ministries. It is never easy starting something from scratch and on your own. But I believe what God has placed in my heart for London is so unique and so special, it is worth the hard work, the cries, and the struggles. Generate Ministries’ vision is to Generate a movement and a culture that inspires youth workers and draws young people to Christ.

Over the last eight months, it has been a long and hard season, but I believe my experiences at BBC have played a major part in working hard for something you believe in. Even though the journey at BBC was long and hard, there were also amazing success and memories along the way. I believe that for Generate too, I have already seen a glimpse of success through Generate and its those small successes that give that extra boost.

“I believe my experiences at BBC have played a major part in working hard for something you believe in.” – Frank Ocampo