“Going after scholarships is living a few years of your life like most students won’t, so that you can live the rest of your life like most students can’t… with little or no debt.”

Gabrielle McCormick

There are numerous funding opportunities outside of Boise Bible College. There are scholarships at the national level, state level, city level, church level, and community organization level.  You just need to know where to look. Here are some guidelines to make sure your application stands out.

Outside Scholarship Seeking Guidelines:

Fill Out the FAFSA

A lot of scholarships as well as colleges require a completed FAFSA for the upcoming year as part of their application requirements. Need-based scholarships, particularly, will ask for your EFC (Expected Family Contribution) that the FAFSA generates.

Start the process at www.studentaid.ed.gov.

Gather Recommendation Letters

A glowing recommendation from a teacher, coach, employer, youth minister, advisor or anyone else in your sphere will help you stand out. Make sure to give your recommenders at least a month before the application deadline and give clear instructions.

Write A Distinctive Essay

Although writing an essay is a normal part of the scholarship application, a written essay is a chance to highlight your gifts and talents. When writing your essay, think about how your past has shaped you and where you want to go. Many awarders want to see where you’re going and how this particular scholarship will help you accomplish that goal.

In addition, it is a good idea to create multiple different drafts fitting different messages you want to convey. A scholarship from your church may require a different kind of essay compared to a scholarship for community service.

Lastly, have your essays edited by a teacher, parent, or other person before submitting. Grammar and other features of writing may be looked at in the process.

Be efficient

Be aware of the documents you may need to complete your applications, such as college and/or high school transcripts. Have both hard and electronic copies readily available. These documents may take precious time to gather, and deadlines come quickly.

Many, but Few

Casting a wide net is good, but narrowing your focus to the opportunities you match will best increase your chances of success. Look at local opportunities, check with area civic organizations, charitable groups, parents’ employers, and/or churches you attend to see what is available.

You may need to visit in-person, write an e-mail, or even mail a formal letter requesting to see if an organization has opportunities available. This may take courage, but it will show initiative, which many organizations are seeking to reward.

Do Your Research

Students applying for scholarships face risks linked to identity theft and fraud. Losses may include being scammed out of money, time, or personal information.

Never pay any money to apply for a scholarship!

Before you submit any personal information or anything else make sure the scholarship organization is authentic. For more safety advice, visit the site www.safety.com/scholarship-safety/ or contact the Financial Aid Office at Boise Bible College.

Select Outside Scholarship Opportunities:

The Puget Sound Christian College Foundation                        

You will need to secure a current transcript and contact your minister and a church elder for an evaluation. Deadline: April 1

Idaho Community Foundation

There are usually sites like this for other states.

The Lightfoot Foundation

Available to students who live in the Treasure Valley (list of 58 towns). Applications available online from 3/1 – 4/15.

#GoServe Leadership Scholarship                                     

Deadline: August 15

Adeline Neilson Scholarship      

Request an application via e-mail request to: ansfnd@gmail.com | Deadline: April 14

CM CARES Religious Scholars Program

Deadline: April 15

Select Online Scholarship Searches and Resources

There are a variety of websites available featuring extensive searchable lists of scholarships. Here are some examples you can check out:

Disclaimer: Boise Bible College does not vouch on the reliability or quality of the scholarship opportunities or scholarship search engines listed. The above are only listed as courtesy examples and are subject to change. Boise Bible College does not take any responsibility for any consequence of data usage from the scholarship opportunities or search engines used by students or applicants. Use them at your own wisdom and discretion.