Is BBC Accredited?

Author: Boise Bible College
Published on: February 6, 2018

Yes! In short, Boise Bible College is accredited. We are accredited through ABHE (Associated for Biblical Higher Education).

So, what is accreditation?

Most parents and students hear this word, a glaze forms over their eyes. However, accreditation is important for higher institutions, because accreditation means that a higher institution is recognized and held accountable by Council for Higher Education (CHEA) or the United States Department of Education (USDE).

In layman terms, accreditation is a term used to describe the process that institutions of higher education undergo to confirm they meet the strictest educational standards. Accreditation is earned through accrediting bodies, which are private, non-governmental organizations that have been created specifically to review higher education institutions and programs such as ABHE.

Accreditation is important when talking about transferring credits between higher educational institutions. BBC may transfer in or transfer out credits. This is helpful when students wish to transfer to Boise Bible College or another higher education institution.

In March 2018, Boise Bible College hosted a comprehensive visit by an evaluation team from the ABHE. BBC is proud to say that ABHE gave us a high 10 for the many opportunities possible through Boise Bible College – from academics to student life.


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