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“I Bleed BBC”

Author: Boise Bible College
Published on: May 18, 2016
This article was written by Jennifer Whiteman. She earned her BS in Christian Education with an emphasis on Children’s Ministry in 2007. She’s from Oakland, OR and residing in Malin, OR. She does various jobs such as USPS Clerk to Librarian Sub while her husband (Ryan Whiteman) keeps himself busy by being a horse trimmer, house builder, and a farm hand. Her passions are healthy marriages, Godly parenting, intentional teachable moments, and purposeful ministry.




Boise Bible College? I thought I was doing just fine continuing on my path and going to church.

I was SO wrong! I didn’t know God would use Boise Bible College to change my life.

When I arrived at BBC, August of 2003, I didn’t know what to expect. I decided to go to Boise about 2 weeks before school began. A member of the Church I attended got the ball rolling for me to attend. I only had to “try it out for one semester.” She spoke with the Admissions (Ross Knudsen) and Financial Aid (Joyce Anderson) departments. In fact, I don’t even remember filling out the application. God used my friend in a mighty way.

After about 3 days, I decided to stay all four years. The best decision I have made. Throughout those next 4 years I would experience growth in SO many ways. I would meet SO many people that were striving to be more like Jesus. I would learn SO much about God’s grace, true friendship, and the Bible.

Many of you will not know some of the professors, staff and/or students that have played a role in my journey to where I am today.

SO many amazing professors! You may not know how Dr. Beckman would leave during tests to prove that character is important – or how Mr. Krause would challenge us to become the people God intended us to be in relationships – or how “PopCorn” always wanted to update his syllabus (but had a hard time cutting information out, because truth is important) – or how Mrs. Kelly wanted us to be ready for financial stuff as adults – all devoting their years to building the next generation of Christian leaders.

SO many amazing staff members! You may not know how Mr. Knudsen’s (who was just Ross then) would take a chance on a random girl from Oakland, OR – or how Mr. Greenlee would pray for the issues that were going on in my life (which I would later learn all professors do) – or how Mr. Vauahan would shovel snow and clean toilets in his business suit (a real servant leader) – or how Mr. Faber has created an education system that combines all classes in a way to create success – or how Travis Jacob desired for students to be leaders and shapers – all striving to create an environment that help students to be prepared for jobs, families, and life.

SO many amazing friends! So many passions! So many world changers! Like Jessica Cornett – who would challenge me to have a better prayer life; or Stefanie Schnackenberg – who wasn’t afraid to call me out on things; or Josephine Haselton – who is always staying connected to her friends; or Ryan Whiteman (my husband) – who has taught me so much about introspection, conviction, repentance, grace, mercy, and forgiveness. There are many more friends – too many to mention.

I found a place that taught me about what really matters: faith in Jesus, service to the King, commitment to relationships, dedication to study, and growth in love. Do I love BBC? How could I not love what has changed me into a better person? As Martin Flaherty & Seth King would say, “I bleed BBC.”

Students, take advantage of this opportunity to grow and change. God is preparing you for an awesome adventure, so just enjoy the ride!